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Riser Management

If you have a newer condominium building or an existing property or group of buildings, you may want  to protect your investment by looking at our Riser management program

  • We can retrofit your building to the latest standards and ensure the integrity of all existing cabling.
  • We will repair or replace defective cabling and connections.
  • Once your structured cabling is verified and will stay that way....neat , orderly and working at all times. If  the system is damaged  we can repair it quickly with minimal down time and  cost.

What you will have afterward is a communications system you can be proud of. The clients, tenants and condo owners will be delighted to have exact records, the very best service in the industry and eliminate callouts to 3-4-5 different companies and support groups.

You may rest assured that our team will repair it the first time every time!

What Is Different About Us?
There are many  reasons to consider riser management:
  • Certified  Test Results
  • Fixed costs
  • Insured reliable service
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Quality products
  • Our clients have names not numbers