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Our Team

Our team at EPI Cabling is a group of telecom and cabling specialists who have spent most of their careers in the communications and cabling field. All of our installers have been trained on the latest technology in the industry. They can install fiber, category 6A, category 6 and category 5E for all of your data and telecom requirements.

We have contractor certifications for ADC TrueNet and AMP Netconnect and Hubbell installations that include 20 & 25 year manufacturers warranties. We also have certified NCS installers ( Network Cabling Specialists) on staff.

Each member of our team also possesses fire stop certificates for HILTI Firestop systems. Our vast experience enables us to deal with a very wide variety of cabling systems and configurations.

EPI means:Bicsi Corporate Member

Experienced Professional Installers!!!!

We are also corporate members of BICSI, the network cabling standards group.

What Is Different About Us?
There are many  reasons to consider riser management:
  • Certified  Test Results
  • Fixed costs
  • Insured reliable service
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Quality products
  • Our clients have names not numbers